Are We Ready to Move...again?


To another state this time. Well not quite but North Carolina is a state that my husband wants to try out in the future. We are happy where we are right now but if the time comes that we can choose which state to move, North Carolina would be the one. The weather will be perfect for him and he said the job market is good for his industry. Aside from that, getting a NC health insurance would be easy because of That’s something to look forward to because finding a health insurance is very important to us since we have a small kid. Hey, moving again may not be a very bad idea after all.


Anonymous said…
horrayyy!!! NC is beautiful place for retirement too. Beach beach beach!

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Nova said…
well, i'm sure your all excited about it, so does i here.. i can't wait to see you with different people and places..

i did have a great weekend dear with my jeffy and his sweet and kind family...hay they just treat me superb..

anyways.. about the calendar,, he even told me that way.. kaso lang i'm used into this big calendars just flat on the wall.. hehehe.. well, this is america.. and its way too different here...

hows your weekend?

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