Bill Gates after Microsoft???


So he stepped down today from his job at Microsoft. Aside from doing philanthropy, what will he do? Yes, he has a lot of money but can he use that money to do anything he wants?

Here's a video I lifted from You Tube. It was made a while ago showing different alternatives that he can probably dabble in after his Microsoft stint....


Anonymous said…
hi dear!

well if he really things hard, he can really do a lot of things. i wish i can be like him--be self sufficient enough to to good works. i am kinda limited because i don't have much.

but it is okay, i just use whatever resources i have. :)
Pretty Me said…
hi ate juliana! what an interesting post!posh_post is right, bill gates can do a lot with his riches... like helping with the needy like me ... hahaha... I wish!!! joke3x... anyway, thanks ate for the message, i'm doing ok despite all the trials. I'm just focusing on the brighter sides... thanks ate for always being there! how about you? kamusta na?
Tey said…
Thats money do. Gives everyone the power that a lot of us dont have.
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sana mamigay na lang sya pera. unahin na tayong 2.
jm said…
hello mummy juliana, kamusta din po?? eto ayos lang. minsan boring ing bie, hehe. pero happy :) galing lang sa fiesta ni Apung Iru (apalit). yngatz kayu pu ken. GodBlessYou! hugs sa baby/babies nyo po na cute =) happy wkends!!

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