This time it has nothing to do with the builder.

Guess what??? Our cable TV was disconnected! Why??? Again because of some people who don't do their jobs right.

I mentioned here in one of my neverending updates that we had the cable, internet and phone connection set-up last weekend for the new house. We just want to make sure that once we move, we have all the basic needs taken cared of.

We decided to go with our present cable provider...Brighthouse. We got the 3 in one package to save a few bucks [I think we're saving anyway].

Everything was fine until this morning when I decided to turn on the TV. There's nothing. So I called their CS and I was on the phone with one for almost an hour. We spent the whole time trying to fix the cable box. She kept saying it MAY be the box. After an hour of not being able to help, she decided to do a job order for Friday. She asked me to just connect the TV to the cable box directly so we can still watch.

Well, apparently that's not the problem because the TV in our bedroom is not connected to the box and it's not working as well.

So I called again...and the first thing the CS said was..."You're disconnected because you have the other one active." WTH!!!??!!! She said that the person who called - the husband - to set up the other house asked this house be disconnected! L-I-E! We knew beforehand we're not moving in right away so no we didn't ask to be disconnected.

It seems that it's their standard procedure to do that...with or without a request from the customer. They will just ASSUME that because there's another account open, the other one should be disconnected! Geez! Why don't they call first before they do something like that? They call when you set up an appointment with their service people...why didn't they do it this time????

Arrgghhh!!! I just hope someone comes today to fix this mess or they will have one unhappy customer before the week ends. WE may even switch to another provider for the new house just because they P*ss*d me big time!

There! Vent over....sowee!


Unknown said…
oww, take a deep breathe Juls.

Don't you just hate when things like that happens? And the worst part you have to spend all day on the phone trying to talk to somebody who actually knows what you are talking about. Why can't they just send someone and stop wasting our time?" Hmp!
Anonymous said…
If it happens to my JL he will surely knock them the whole to set it up and make it work. hahahha =)

me new assignment nga ako eh. ang gusto nya ang label and comments are under the post title tulad nung review blog ko. nyaks pasaway
uy! para din sa pinas ano?! ako nga mya2 no cable. no internet. no phone. ayyyyyy... sanay na ko sa incompetence pero hindi ko pa rin tanggap. i think i'm blacklisted in the repair and technical dept of my providers.

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