Car Rental


Our car is 5 years old already…almost 6 actually. We haven't used it on long family trips as we don’t go on long drives. But that does not mean it’s not used for long trips at all. Just about a week ago, my husband and his partner went to Georgia and they took our car for that 10-hour trip. Unfortunately, after that trip my husband feels that our car is no longer the same. As a result, he is now thinking of getting a car rental whenever they have to drive for business purposes. I couldn’t agree more as it will give our car a break. I am actually on the lookout for some good deals on car rentals for their next travel…and I found some already. One of the best deals I found is this up to 50% discount on Luxury and Convertible car rentals at Advantage. Yep, convertible cars. I will make sure that next time my husband and his partner need a car to travel, I will tell them about Advantage. It’s a win-win situation for us. Our car will not be abused and they will be able to choose the car of their liking at an affordable price. What can beat that?


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