Choosing the B-E-S-T...


In this age of technology, customer service or support for any company plays a vital role and I personally believe that the customer service can either make or break the company’s good name. I just had one really bad experience with the customer support of our cable company today and I am seriously thinking of switching cable companies because of it. I wasted my whole day explaining to them what they should already know. So for me, customer support is always a big deal when paying for a service. If I am choosing say a web hosting provider, I would choose one that has good customer service over a cheaper service. Why? Because in the long run, it is the customer service that will help me with my problem.

This is what Network Solutions is all about, great customer service. Network Solutions is a reliable web site hosting provider that offers 3 different web hosting packages that companies can choose from. Their packages range from $9.96 to $29.13 a month depending on the company’s needs. Winning the Find My Host Editor’s Choice Award for June 2008 is a proof that Network Solutions is one of the best in web hosting industry. Aside from having knowledgeable customer service available 24/7, you’ll get all the space and bandwidth you need plus a free domain and 99.9% uptime. So yeah, if I or someone I know ever need a web hosting company, Network Solutions will be on top of my list.


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