Daddy's Corner Part II...


This will be my second post about Father's Day! My first one was part of the Tag: Daddy's Corner and it was for the husband A.K.A. the Father of my Little One.

This time it's for My father!

This is my Father!

- He's the man who so patiently taught me how to commute to my college by staying with me during the first few weeks of my college life in Manila.

- He's the man who visited me in my dorm at least once a week for 4 years...without fail!

- He's the man who made me believe that I can do it even I didn't think I could.

- He's the man who I look up to even if he's not perfect.

He is my father, the man who I still miss everyday eversince he left us in 2000.

Happy Father's Day, Tang!




Gorgeous MUM said…
that was such a sweet and thoughtful way of remembering your dear father! i'm sure he and your mum are so proud of who you are today!
Ritchelle said…
Wow sweet nyo po!and sorry for his lost.

P.S:Sexy nyo ha?Tanggap nyo po pala?
bluedreamer27 said…
oh how sweet you are pinay wahm youre such a treasure
twinks said…
your dad must be very proud for having such wonderful and amazing daughter in you..
sweet thing. :]
Anonymous said…
lucky you for having such a great dad. ;)
Anonymous said…
what a nice tribute to your dad!

nasaan na kayo? naglilipat? just woke up from a loooong nap. the dental app. was alright. one less thing to worry about for now.
Anonymous said…
btw, your new house is in tampa pa din ba?
Katelove's said…
I'm so touch sis sa iyong post about your father, I know how it feels, my father pass away also when i was 13 years old and i've been mourning for 13 years, dko kasi matanggap and i always wishing for his presence. i'm a daddy's girl kasi, hehehe.. Til one time a dream of him, on this dream is different, He looks young and very happy and the he told me to move on and let go kasi masaya na sya and he want me to be happy. so the next morning, i started to accept na wla na talaga ang tatay and i have a to move on. hehehe..Sensya na you sis, nagkwento pa ko didto. But anyway, I love your post about your dad! I know he's very proud of you!
Anonymous said…
Na^, Komusta naka Balamu ikit kya naman e tatang ku kaya. Mapibabata. Nanu Na^Na^ ka naman. Akaragulan kya naman ing Na^Na^. Ay naku nanu ini.

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