Day In...Day Out...


Our Saturday was pretty laid back. I worked mostly in the morning. The husband had to cut the grass outside. He was complaining of the heat but there's no choice but to cut the grass as it's an eye-sore to prospective buyers. So he had to do what he had to, right?

In the early afternoon, he went out to take care of some business with the appliance store. Then we went out to do some "furniture hunting". We really don't have anything particular in mind so it was mostly looking around.

We went to a big furniture store here that's closing down soon. They had some good stuff but they don't deliver anymore so if you want to buy something you have to take it right there and then so we didn't get anything from there. We checked out a couple more stores and got some ideas on what we like more or less.

The moving? It's going to happen. A lot of the things we need, especially the rest of the appliances will be delivered next week. The blinds will also be delivered next week. So we have about a week to really start moving.

Tomorrow, the husband is probably going to empty his tool shed here and start moving his stuff first. You know men...the garage is theirs. My husband has a lot of things, tools mostly so that will all go in the garage. I think he can build a house single-handedly with the tools that he has actually. He used to rent a space for his tools as there's really a lot.

The boxes on my kitchen floor would follow suit. Not sure if it's happening tomorrow or not but I would be glad when I see floor again on our kitchen if only for a week.

So yeah we're taking things pretty easy. The house we're living in is ours so there's really no hurry to move. It's just not "the house" we want our little one to grow in. My husband also does not care much for the neighborhood here. Me? Actually, I didn't have any problem with the neighborhood here until my 'so-called nerve-wrecking experience' a few nights ago. I've been here for almost 7 years and that was my only unpleasant experience here so far. After it happened, that's the only time I actually said to myself that I'm happy we're moving.

Thanks to all who came by. I hope you won't get tired visiting me here even if I can't return the favor sometimes.


honey said…
Hi Ate J.. I will never be tired of visiting you as PROMISE..
Have a blessed Sunday!.. Medyo busy busyhan po si lola te..hahahha..

Btw, wow that's a great news- Closing is done.. :)
Anonymous said…
hey tuks, you're about to finish your home run, so this should be "chicken." in fact, the stage you're in is the exciting part for me haha. hala bili lang ng bili. you gotta hurry up para maka-settle na.

would have been nice to be around, share my two cents worth sa decorating side(hilig ko talaga)at shopping for decors/furniture friend in CA had to make do with yahoo IM with me to get by. once in a while umiikot pa rin laptop niya para maipakita ginawa niya when she moves some stuff so I can coach her. nakakaaliw nga eh.

on another note, si debbie of seem to be confused. I saw her message sa tagboard mo leaving ilocano msg. akala yata niya ako ikaw haha. let her know kaya.

sige, mainit dito,our second day of 4 days sizzler. i'm fine in the comforts of a cool place. giniginaw nga ako eh haha. if I turn off the controls mainit naman.
Anonymous said…
that is so exciting! wish you luck in your new house.
i love to shop, find great stuff at reasonable prices, haggle, the works.

because of this, i often give my clients "free" interior decoration schemes just so I can have the option to do the shopping....
Prily said…
wow!!!what a great weekend for u!it is nice to go window shopping and all these stuffs. and that bad incident lately? i would guess that is a premonition that you really have to move....
Anonymous said…
hello sis! enjoy the new house. Your little girl is such a darling. My husband kids about having twins. he said I only have one shot at this and I better give him twins. My silly goose wants a baby girl for reasons like little girls are very loving and sweet. Anyhow, you take care alright. :)

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