DeaD TireD!!!


That's how I feel at this very moment. I spent most of the day packing, thinking, deciding and worrying. It's like there is no end in sight!

Right now the whole house here is a big mess as everything is all over the place. Some are boxed already some, not yet. The same is true in the new house as some boxes were already transfered there within the week. So tomorrow, I will be moving out of a messy house only to move in to another messy house!

I emptied our closets already and cleaned the bathrooms as well. The pantry is still packed but the dishes are boxed.

Just thinking of what needs to be done tomorrow is making me feel tired already. I'm not sure how many trips we have to make to at least move half of our stuff by tomorrow but it will probably take at least 5. Sigh...

And to add to it all, we seemed to have hit some kind of a 'snag' with the bank. I don't feel like talking about it as I just feel a bit depress everytime I think of it as it's something that should not have happened but it did anyway. Hopefully, it's their mistake and that it can be fixed ASAP. I don't know what effect it will have on us right now but I am hoping that it won't have any effect at all.

If you can send us some positive thoughts, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks!


hey you! Musta kah nah? hehehe. Sorry ngayon lang ako naka drop by. My only free days are Thursdays & Fridays... hay naku why did I work in the first place? tsk tsk.

Anyway totally agree ako sa sinabi mo nah just thinking about what to do is very tiring. That's exactly how I feel that's why I delay my work and sleep or relax that's why I always do things on the last minute.

Congratulations pala! ^_^
Bless said…
I know how it feels when its moving time. We did it twice eversince I got here in the US.

Anyways, I hope everything is okay with whatever glitch you have with your bank. Tc you all.
Gorgeous MUM said…
i know how moving can get frustrating at times, most especially if you're the one doing all the packing.

but just think that after all that, you'll be living in your very own, brand new house! the thrill of making it homey and make it reflect your personality will probably make up for all the hardships you've been through just for that house.

good luck on the move!
Anonymous said…
Darling, Relax...take a deep breath mmmmmmmm and exhahe haaaaaaaaa... do it as many as you can.. I know it's easy to say than done. We've been through the same issue when we bought our house. But the closing thing went smoothly and we closed the deal the same date they announced. So even before we moved in it's all final. Eka magpakinsimisyun ken mamuti ka bwak. Nokarin la deng balat mu?
Anonymous said…
hey tuks, I thought when you go to closing ironed out lahat. when we did ours kasi, when we closed everything was sealed and done deal, and the officers from the bank(kasi we had to take out a very minimal mortgage para lang may tax shelter, alam mo na, walang anak, makabawi man lang kay uncle sam) were also there sa closing kaya minsanan lang.

I hope my statement won't get you worried all the more. I know how stressful it must be right now with the move, let alone, having to deal with a "goofy" situation due to other people's stu****y.

let me send you my warmest hugs. pag nag-iisa ka nakakaiyak. I went through the same situation. walang kasama, kaibigan, pamilya na makausap. I have my sister here but you know how work takes over people's lives. sana malapit ako diyan.

take it easy. hope everything will turn out alright.

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