Forced Leave???


That's what happened yesterday...I was on forced-leave! Just like most forced-leave, it's an unpaid one. Hmmpp!

What happened? The cord/plug on my laptop broke. Actually, it's been hanging by a thread [literally] but it only gave in yesterday...of all days. It's been like that for months but it didn't break while we were at the old house [where we have 2 more computers that I can use]. It broke when we got here...while the other computers are still in the old house so no spare to use! Great timing, eh?

The husband was 4 hours away yesterday doing a service call so I called him. He said that we would have to get a replacement for the cord this weekend...WHAT?????? That's like forever...but what can I do? I just thought of convincing him to get the other computers from the other house but I didn't hold my breath on that.

So how come I'm blogging now? Well, McGyver came over....I mean, came home...LOL. Yep, my very own McGyver opened up the adapter and connected the wires inside and's fixed...for now. He reminded me that it's really fragile right now so I shouldn't drag it with the lappy....opppsss! I guess he knew that's how the wires in the adapter broke. *wink*

Anyway, yesterday was not spent in vain though. My little one and I did some weeding outside...on the flower beds in front of the house! Yay! It's almost done. Now all we have to do is get some flowers to plant on them...yippee! I wonder if I need another 'forced-leave' to do the planting.

So that's why I was not anywhere near your blogs yesterday. I'll try to 'roam' around today to say hi to all of you. For the meantime, I have to get off here for now as we have some unfinished business to attend to...the 'not-so-fun' stuff. Please send us some good vibes! Thanks much! Mwah!


Anonymous said…
hay naku ganyan din ako noong weekend. pag di ma-internet parang maloloka, ako nalang ang nagmcgyver sa'ekn. naka save pa.'kala ko best buy here i come. daming opps 'yun ah!
Anonymous said…
hey, whatever that 'not-so-fun' stuff you're doing today, I hope it will turn out to be 'fun' after it's done.

your hubby ba, what line of business is he in? don't know if I came across an entry about his negosyo here, or ulyanin lang ako haha.

is the inside of the house taking shape na ba? just wondering kasi you were out na weeding out the flower beds. or pang break lang ng monotony of the "mess" na kailangan ayusin inside hahaha.

sige, you have all the time isa-isa lang. gotta go and clean. as usual, wednesday sched. ano pa nga ba.

Gorgeous MUM said…
at least your day was productive even though you wasn't able to be in cyberspace!

how's the new house going? are things starting to take shape now?

good luck!
Jemi said…
Hi Juliana! I know you are a pretty busy Mama these days with all your moving and stuff. If you ever find time for monkey-busines :) , would you mind showing me how to do that disclosure thing like yours where only the badge is shown? I would really appreciate that! Also, how did you hide your blogroll? Please bear with me, Juliana. I am soooo igno ! Thanks in advance!

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