Getting Ready for Halloween...


It’s only the middle of June but can you believe that as early as last month, our little girl here has been talking about the holiday seasons? Actually, it’s probably much earlier than that since I remember blogging about it in March or April when she suddenly blurted out that she already made her list for Santa. Yesterday, she started talking about it again so I reminded her that there are other things coming up before Christmas like Independence Day and Halloween. Well, that got her attention. Now she’s been talking non-stop about halloween costumes. Sometimes I don’t know if I should be reminding her of these things as she wouldn’t stop until we find the costume that she can wear for Halloween.

So on with the hunt. Last year she was one of the Disney characters but this year she really does not know what she wants to be so we will keep on searching until we find it. As I was doing some online searching, I started thinking that maybe this year I can somehow join in the fun. Why not, right? I am not very adventurous so I am only thinking of hats or Costume Wigs for me…nothing over the top. I just want to be ‘not’ myself on Halloween...LOL. Alrighty! I have to keep on looking for a costume for the little one as she’s bugging me about it again. Will let you know which costumes we will end up with!


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