Guess W-H-A-T???!!!????


We're rained in!!! Yes, we woke up with rain, thunder and lightning this morning! What a good timing! We are ready to move and ready to get going, then this! RAIN!! Actually, the weather channel is saying that we are on 'strong thunderstorm warning' today!

It's 10:42 and we are still in our pajamas. The husband is watching some History channel program while the little one is watching her Disney channel. Me? Ya know....

Today, we have a 60% chance of rain, and yes it's raining already. Tomorrow? The same!

Not sure what time this rain will stop so that goes without saying that we are not sure as well what time we can start moving. Wahhh!!!

Anyway, I just thought I'd check in here to put some kind of an update. I'm still 'uneasy' and worried. It's the weekend so we won't hear anything from the bank until Monday so I will be on edge until then...or even longer if we don't hear from them.'s like a neverending nightmare.


Anonymous said…
hello julie got few questions pwede rin u can abswer it on my YM

allow me to ask how much ur turn in house, kc matagal na rin contractor si husband bt small bsns lang, na shock lang kami sa nag bid sa isang job ang baba kc 2 story house turn in toinks... i know house here is much expensive just comparing the 2 story to 1 story house...hehe
Anonymous said…
blessings yan! hihihi =) ang Luna ko until now di maoveercome ang phobia sa thunder tuwing gabi kahit walang kulog nanginginig sa takot nawi weirduhan na ako.

happy weekend

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Gorgeous MUM said…
oh, delays! rain can be such a hassle when you've got your day planned. let's just hope it stops soon!

hubby said it's also pouring down in bora right now. surely the construction of their resort is also put on hold.

hoping there's nothing wrong with your bank.

take care!
Hey there! Ha! Ang kalaban mo pala ay ang rain ha? Where you singing lately? Joke! ^_^

Alam mo namna ang kasabihan nang mga matatanda pagmay sintundaong kumakanta umuulan hehehe. Double joke ^_^

Well I wish you luck on your move! Take care and have a great weekend!
SHIELA said…
I hope the rain will stop sooon so that you can start t move. Anhirap pa naman maglipat.

Ingat ka Mommy Juls. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha talagang malayo siya sa tinitirahan ko ngayon. pero I need a job badly. we have to move kong matanggap ako. Sana naman, kasi gusto ko ang work sa University din like before sa trabaho ko sa Thailand. Im so excited na nga eh!I hope its mine. Slamat sa bisita ha.
Marites said…
hi there..sabi nila, rains are blessings. So, i think you'll be having a lot of blessings these coming days!Ay, marami kang freebies? pahingi:d

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