Happy Father's Day!!!!


To all the fathers and grandfathers out there, I hope you enjoy the day doing whatever makes you happy...with Mom's permission of course...LOL! Kidding!

Our "Big Daddy" here has been suffering from headache/migraine as a result of the long driving he did last Friday...from here to Georgia and back! So his Father's Day started a bit later as we let him sleep in.

The little one was really anxious to greet her Dad happy Father's Day that she kept waking up...and waking me up. I had to tell her that Dad's migraine is bugging him so we have to wait a bit longer. She understood and waited patiently.

As soon as Dad got out of the bedroom, she just burst into her "Happy Father's Day" routine.

Here are the things she had ready for Dad.

A handmade card!

Her personalized 'scrapbook'.

Her "I heart Daddy" frame...with her scribbles, of course.

And here are my Pride and Joy!
That's how our FD 2008 started. Not sure how it's going to end. I'm just hoping my hubby's migraine goes away ASAP!


Merydith said…
How Cute! Yong sa amin ni Frankie kiss lang kay Ryan. May nangyari kasi sa sasakyan ko so hindi kami nakalabas. Happy Weekend!
mjsterling said…
Happy fathers day to your hubby Mommy J... my weekend is just find nothing special hehe....
blessedmom said…
oh that's a very nice gift mommy! very creative! happy father's day to ur hubby..im sure u made him happy! :)

btw, tomorrow na ko bibiyakin heheeh i mean c-section :)

pray for me friend! sna maging ok lahat... :)
Anonymous said…
I like the 'I LOVE DADDY' sign! Very creative.
Jean Marie said…
awwwwwww, so sweet. i know even ur hubby has migrain, he appreciated alot yung ginawa nyo ng daughter nyo.
Eds said…
uyy ang cute naman ng gift na frame ni dady! :)
Gorgeous MUM said…
hope hubby feels better now. i know for sure that very long drive will have it's toll on him!

but it's good how he tried to enjoy his little princess' thoughtful gifts for him! she's quite a daddy's girl, isn't she? hahaha!

thanks for the greetings, btw.
Anonymous said…
i'm sure daddy is so touched by the gifts esp. the card his princess made for him.

our father's day was great. 3 brothers (my hubby's brothers all together) nagsama-sama.

good morning muna dyan.
SHIELA said…
WOW. ganda naman nang gift nang little girl mo. it will be one of your treasure to keep forever :)
Anonymous said…
Hello sis! Now, that's father's day alright. Let him do what makes him happy LOL! Joke! The hubby must be really proud of his little girl. How I wish I have a little dolly too. My babes bunny will celebrate yesterday's occasion this weekend. He's not a dad yet but a role playing dad to our poochies.

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