Home Alone....


For a couple of hours anyway. The husband took the little one shopping, well mostly grocery shopping, because she wants a DVD and Dad does not know which one. I am not feeling well so I decided to stay behind. Right now I am here trying to catch up on some work and some household chores.

We have no plan of going anywhere today so it's going to be one lazy Sunday for us. Not sure what the husband's plan is but I'm sure he has something planned.

Our house is still one big empty space....LOL! Yep, we have not bought the furniture [living room and dining room stuff] yet because we can't seem to find what we want. We're not in a hurry thought since we're surviving without them. We have have been using our foldable tables and chairs and it's working out great. Maybe this week we'll find what we're looking for.

In general, we're settled already as we're getting the sleep we need unlike the first few nights. The little one still wakes up in the middle of the night but she goes back to sleep afterwards so it's all good. I am hoping she'd start sleeping throughout the night in the coming days.

Anyway, I'll be doing my hop-hop a bit later. I hope you're all having a great day/night!


blessedmom said…
hi there mommy j! musta n? im glad uve already moved to ur new house. lam mo na, huli na ko sa balita :) hope u get better soon. im sick din, with cold and cough. actually, the whole family is sick even the baby. wawa nga eh, di mkahinga ng mabuti :( haaay...
nyway, have a great Sunday. tc! :)
Anonymous said…
hi tuks! missed hopping here yesterday. but I'm back. hope that not feeling well is not over fatigue. glad to know settled na kayo. mabilis na lang mag decorate at arrange once furnitures are there.

know why I asked you about your location the last time? kasi last year we would have purchased a vacation home cum investment right by a golf course in land o' lakes. it was an awesome property, which hubby and I thought would have been a great vacation place,but I chickened out. I didn't want to have it rented, if we got it and it was kind of bothering me how it's going to be maintained within the year. kaya ayan, naunsiyami plano. kaya sabi ko sa 'yo, you'll never know baka maging kapitbahay tayo in the future. won't that be fun?

hope you feel better soon.

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