I've had a lot of interesting conversations with our little one. I probably should start a blog about it but I'm not sure where to get the time to actually attend to a 4th blog...yep, 4th. I have a 3rd one that I use to experiment with but it also has some chronicles on it.

Anyway, this particular conversation happened in the bathroom while she's having a bath a few nights ago. A background first on how this conversation came about.

Up until a few months ago, I used to stay with her in her bedroom at bedtime until she would fall asleep. I decided to put a stop to that. I told her that with the 'move', she needed to get used going to sleep on her own. It was a struggle at first but she got used to it..somehow.

The routine now is: I tuck her in, kiss her goodnight then I leave her bedroom. It's not that simple though. The door has to be left open which means that she can hear every little noise around the house. A lot of times she would call me just to know what the noise is all about or just to ask me some unimportant questions...anything to get me to her bedroom. So yeah, it's still a struggle sometimes.

A few night ago was one of those nights. After about 500,000 times of going back and forth to her bedroom, I finally had it and closed her door. Result: She cried. I let her. So she probably cried herself to sleep.

That's what triggered this particular conversation.

Her: Mom, why did you close the door to my bedroom last night?

Me: Because you won't go to sleep.

Her: I know. But I opened it.

Me: I know...but you didn't call me anymore.

Her: Yeah. But I cried.

Me: I know.

Her: Are you going to close it again tonight?

Me: If you keep calling me I would.

Her: But I'll CRY again.

Me: So? Crying does not hurt you.

Her: I know. But IT HURTS You....

Me: ........[yep, I was lost for words...hmmm]

How did she know that? I guess she knows that everytime she cries, it hurts me more than her, huh?


Anonymous said…
they always know that we are hurt when they are in pain. but you did a good job. you wont regret it when she grows up. she will be responsible and independent. but as for now, you can give little one some spoiling...occasionally.

nope...i was asleep kanina. i was in too much pain that i need ti rest my eyes after crying. hahaha...nothing new with my life.
Anonymous said…
oh no... she knows....

dropping by atchi... komusta na ka? by the way in the next coming weeks.. i will be holding contests on my main blog and the prizes will be something for moms and kids.. :) watch out for it, 2 contest every month.. :)
Anonymous said…
how sweet...yeah children needs to be independent at some point specially when their growing up...i wonder when can i have my own too...wehehe
Anonymous said…
Goodness Graciuos! Welcome to the club. We are on the same page so I know how it feels! Specially when you are tired and and sleepy. That mommy I'm thirsty, mommy I'm itchy, mommy there's a monster under my bed, mommy this, mommy that endless mommy and alot of times they get on your last nerve...but we love them and let them slide. But I'm proud of you that you put your foot down. Kung kakatamu pata matayiktik naka masaplid kapa..Ay buhay!!!! Enjoy tana yan uling saguli daragul la.
Gorgeous MUM said…
oh, she really is a clever little girl!

i started kaiden with that as soon as we got back here last january. he also cried for a few nights but i let him, till he got used with the fact that mummy won't be running back to him just because he was crying. i just leave the door open and check-up on him from time to time. sleeping time now has never been better!
SHIELA said…
oo nga mommy juls. how can you manage a 4th blog? sa akin nga dalawa lang but i felt that it's already taking all my time...hehehe.

sweet naman daughter mo. i think she's like that because she is the only one. dagdagan mo na kasi :)

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