Link List Revamp...


Well, more like 'link list merging'. I am not deleting any links, I am just trying, yes trying, in putting my blogger links in one place - the Dropdown - My Blogger Friends.

I decided to make to "Blogger Friends" list because the first one is getting really long. So opted for the dropdown kind as it's a space saver.

But it's kinda' confusing to those who I just recently exchanged links with. I think the other 'link list' is overlooked so some don't see their links as they are looking at the original link list I have.

So to lessen the confusion, I decided to do the so-called 'merging'. I will put everyone's name in the dropdown list.

IF you don't see your name in the dropdown list, PLEASE let me know so I can add your name immediately. You can leave me a message in the tag board or better still, a comment in my latest entry so it won't get deleted since a CBox message is only good for a couple of days.

Thanks much!


Anonymous said…
Oh this is so good, i've been looking on how to do this as mine is getting long too, but not sure if it can be done on free blogspot.

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