I know it's bound to happen...but it's midweek again? It's like days are flying by so fast I can hardly keep up anymore.

So what do you have planned for the day or maybe the rest of the week??? Us here? We are getting into full gear...yep, we are planning in moving in this weekend! Unless mother nature has another plan like raining us down.

The husband has been taking boxes with him in the car so he can drop them off in the new house before heading back home at night. At least we can get rid of the smaller stuff and only worry about the big stuff on the weekend moving.

I have to get my bee-hind off this chair and start putting the other stuff in the kitchen for the husband to load in the car tonight.

See you all later!


Gorgeous MUM said…
i too, can't believe how time fly sooo fast! days seems to go by just like a snap!

i hope your hubby won't push himself too far or he'll get sick. moving really is a very big job! eventhough you'll have someone to do the heavy lifting, those small knick knacks can be very exhausting too!

good luck!
Dette said…
Smart moving tactics! Hope it all goes well - I am NOT a big fan of moving, but it's probably because I'm such a pack rat and have to weed through so much stuff.

I'm getting better at tossing stuff... I think :)

Good luck!
Anonymous said…
aha! the fun of moving, you guys will be really busy then... as always, thanks for visiting me regularly, wish i could do it too, but unfortunately i juggle a lot, hehehe..anyways, see you around and happy moving!
Anonymous said…
hey, as in moving everything na including you? haha. that's great. para maka settle na kayo.

i can imagine the work that goes with it, fresh pa memory ko about our move four years ago. it was too much to take. but, when the dust had settled, nothing compares to being in a home that you really want.

siya, just took a peek, i'll be off for the rest of the day to "cleaning land" haha. not the best way to spend the day, but someone's gotta do it, and that happens to be me.
Cielo said…
hi sis gudluck, last 5 months ago, we also moved in to our new house, naku goodluck talaga sa pagod at sa muscle pain hehhehe.
Norm said…
good luck sis! happy new house pwede kitang tulungan dyan kung gusto mo, hehehee by the way salamat sa dalaw ingat ka palagi..
Anonymous said…
Hi sis! goodluck sa paglilipat. I know it's not gonna be a picnic for the first week but it's gonna be good. Enjoy decorating your crib!

yah know what, we're working on it (wink). Maybe next year i'll be able to celebrate mother's day too. Can't wait to see my little monster running around the house. just like your darling little girl.
HulaGirl said…
whew ang bilis ng araw, tumatanda na ako hahahahaha
Rocks said…
hi! I was just wondering if I can be added in your blog roll too?

happy moving!
san ka ba sa florida? do you know or have heard of ilac diaz? he's a celebrity here in the phil. he just graduated from harvard and is going to miami.. needs a place to crash for a day or 2. no i did not volunteer your place. kwento lang kasi he's a real nice and sows ng pogi!!!!

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