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I thought I'd post about the other "My Blogger Friends" list on the sidebar. The first list has become quite long that I decided to make another one.

The second LIST is a dropdown because of space issues. So if you are NEW in my list or has a new blog, you will find it in the D-R-O-P-D-O-W-N list.

I normally add your blog in list right away as soon as I see the request for an exchange link. The Dropdown My Blogger Friends is very easy to miss that's why I decided to make this entry.

I will also try to alphabetize that list as soon as I get the chance so please bear with me.

Thanks much. I appreciate all your request for a link exchange!


Unknown said…
i kinda like this style of listing blogger friends jules. it indeed save much space. how did u do it? can u give me tips? thanks sis.

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