Not Bad....


"Not bad"...that's what our little one keeps saying everytime we go visit our new house. We laugh everytime we hear her say that.

She saw the house during construction and she didn't like the mess she saw whenever we visited during those days. She said that that it's too dirty and she'd rather stay in our current house. She was even worried that she would have to clean the bathroom herself.

And being the good mother that I am...I told her that she IS going to clean that mess in the bathroom. LOL!! So you can just imagine her surprise and happiness the first time she saw the 'clean' new house.

So now, she's always saying "not bad" and keeps asking when we will be moving in.


Ritchelle said…
Ayan excitement took place na,ako din excited na hehehe.

Btw,ba't 11th of June po ung Father's Day?Dito po eh I think is on the 21st hahay...

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