Our Day...


...went by fast. We moved some stuff...the boxes I had sitting on the kitchen floor. So I can now see some parts of the kitchen floor here.

After hanging around the house, we went to the furniture store that the husband visited last week. That's what he does. He would go to stores if he's not too busy and look around.

Last Wednesday, I think, he went to this furniture store near his work. The store sells Broyhill, Bassett, and some other furniture brands that I can't recall right now. He saw a dining set and a living room set he likes. He told the lady assisting him that he would have to bring me down there to get my approval.

Well, the lady was not very happy with that because she wanted to make the sale right there and then. Why? Because she was going on a vacation and was afraid that she won't be there when we come back for a visit. So she told the husband that and asked him if he could wait until she comes back from her break...LOL!

They probably don't get a lot of customers nowadays because of the economic crisis so they do all they could to make sure they get the commission.

Anyway, we went there today and of course she wasn't there. Ha! Another lady assisted us but the husband made sure to mention to her that we're returning customers of the other lady. She said that she'll take down notes and just inform the lady on vacation about our visit.

We looked at the sets and I liked them but we didn't buy them today as the husband wants to deal with the original sales lady. So he would go back there next week I guess. I guess my husband is 'loyal' eh? hahaha....

Here are a couple of pics I took at the house this afternoon. Since the house is empty, it's basically a big playroom for the little one.

Here she is trying to master her 'jumping rope moves'...in the dining area...The only piece of furniture in the house....her bare bed! It was delivered last week. We still need to find a headboard for it but that can wait. The mattress is there and that's what's important, right?

Tomorrow is Father's Day and just like any other holidays, our little girl is very excited about it. She keeps telling Dad that he will get a 'nothing' present. LOL! Dad keeps quizzing her and it's funny to listen to her stumble for answers trying not to give-away [goodluck with that!] that she indeed has something ready for him on his special day.

Right now I can hear her tossing and turning. I'm sure it will take a while before she finally dozes off as she's just too excited for tomorrow. The present is under her bed right now so she's probably 'feeling' it....LOL!


Gorgeous MUM said…
good to know that bit by bit, you're moving in! woohoo!

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