Political Calls...


Do you get these Political Calls? I'm sure you do. I guess it's part of the coming election to be bombarded with these kinds of calls. During the Primaries, I would get about 5 of them a day. I'm not a registered voter because I'm not a citizen yet but some of the callers didn't seem to get that.

Anyway, for the past 2 weeks I've been getting calls that says: Political Call on the caller ID. I answered a couple of them and they were looking for the husband. He's registered that's why. All I did was to tell them he's not home and they'll say bye-bye. It's the weekday. My husband works.

You would think that after hearing a couple of times: He's not home, they will stop calling...at least at those specific times I told them that. But no! They would still call. So I stopped answering the phone when I see "Political Call" on the ID.

Anyway, a few days ago they called at a time when the husband was home....finally! So he answered. It's a call from the Republican party. What did they want? A *frolickin'* DONATION!

Here's how the conversation went:

Caller: Can I talk to Mr. So and So..

Husband: This is he.

Caller: Mr. S, this is from John McCain's...blah blah....blah DONATION?

Husband: Why are you asking for donation? Didn't the John McCain strategists raise about$24 million in May alone?

Caller: Really? Hold on.....

Click...the line went dead! Yep, they hang up. All we could do was laugh about it. What I did after that was to do some quick search and this is what I found online:

McCain is preparing to accept about $85 million in public financing. But he needs approval from the Federal Election Commission, which cannot act until the Senate confirms nominees required for a quorum.

Yep, $85 Million...and the $24M is part of it. So why are they still asking for donations? Don't they know that we can hardly afford the price of gas nowadays?


Anonymous said…
good thing mommy j, political people cant afford to call us here in the philippines. LOL!!!
Anonymous said…
hey aling juls! thanks for the birthday greetings! :) today, kuletz and i were super pagod! they had another fieldtrip (kiddieland this time)...ayun super init kahit mahangin sa labas.. pero nag enjoy naman sila :) will be posting some pics sa blog ko ng ma-update naman yun ehehehe kawawa na eh, inabandona ko na yung 3 blogs ko. :) Salamat po ulit sa pagbati sa aking kaarawan! :D
aL|e said…
wow! galing naman ng style nila jan! tsk tsk...
Bravespirit said…
Haha, Correct! I just heard from the news yesterday that the price of gasoline will bloat again adding P1.50 per liter!!! Can you believe that???

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