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We'll be heading to the new house in a few here. So I won't be able to hop this morning/afternoon. I'll do that later when we're back.

Thanks much to all of you who came by....very much appreciated!



Anonymous said…
enjoy the new house and have a great sunday
Anonymous said…
hooray oo nga eh, sana me garden din kami pero for sure when we moved to CO yard ang unang requirement ko. hihihi =)

I bet madami kang matatanim na halaman kasi ang lawak ng yard nyo ang saya nyan.
Anonymous said…
you are excuse, joke LOL. susme, sobrang init dito ngayon sa'men. baka sabihin mo 98 degrees lang nagrereklamo na! how's the new house?

Bluedreamer said…
hello pinay wahm im done with your link in my "a scne to remember blog"
thanks for the willingness to exchange links to it
have a great day
hope you can visit there too

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