Spoon Art....


A very slow Tuesday here. It's laundry day so that's keeping me occupied for now. I'm also busy playing with Photo Bucket. I've never really used any of the features there so now that I'm not doing a lot of things I tried to navigate the site.

Weather has been good so far. No more rain, thunder or lightning. Hopefully it will stay that way. We could use some rain still without the thunder and the lightning though. I don't want another episode of the lightning hitting the post by our house.

Anyway, as I was going through my emails I came across these spoon arts a friend sent me via email. Thought I'd post them here since there's not much to post anyway.

Here they are...enjoy!


honey said…
this is cute,with art nga..

Ate J, Di po ako maka sleep, help naman dyan..hehehhe
Gorgeous MUM said…
i've seen a number of utensils art in a cafe in taipei. i just don't remember the name. i know for sure there's one inside the mall where they have this huge ball in front. i'm having a hard time remembering the name of the mall! it's quite a distance from 101. maybe you know it. familiar lang ako sa mga malls near 101.

anyways, thanks for the comment! you'll definitely love the place! not much crowd! and your model-in-the-making erica will love all the parks! even us adults had fun playing! hahaha!

take care!
Anonymous said…
wow nice si ms j galing na photo hunter...

daan lang ako ha

Anonymous said…
wow..galing naman nito:) paano kaya ginawa? :)

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