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rain rain go away

We just got back from the new house. We weren't able to move today as the rain is still going strong up until this moment.

We waited until lunch time to see if we could do move but the weather is just too nasty to even think about moving. We still went there to do some cleaning as it's a bit dirty with all the deliveries that took place within the last few weeks. At least the house is now clean so I don't have to worry about cleaning it. The husband and I were both on the floor on all four scrubbing and wiping because we forgot to bring mops and brooms...yay!

We also set up the little one's room. We got her the beddings so her room is ready to go. This will be her first big girl's bed so she's really excited. The bed she's using here at the old house is still the crib turned into a bed. I may use that as a day bed in the new house as it's kinda' comfy.

Our house here right now is still in chaos as everything is taken out of the closets, drawers etc. I have lots of stuff on my kitchen counters and boxes, bags, etc. on the floors.

I had to dig out some stuff for us to use tonight as the only things I left out [jammies, etc] were only for last night's use. It's a good thing I know where everything is or else I'd be in big trouble.

We are hoping that we can 'move' tomorrow but I am not holding my breath as there is a 60% chance of rain just like today. The only good thing that I can think of which came out of this delay is...I have not been slaving in the kitchen since last night as there's really no place to prepare. So we've been eating take out....junks in other words.

Anyway, we're doing okay. At least we don't have to live on the streets even if the move is delayed as this house is still ours. I guess that is something to be thankful for although we want it to sell as soon as possible.

That's our day today. Looks like all I am writing about recently is our moving and anything and everything involved with it. I hope you don't get tired of my whining and complaining.

Thanks for visiting my blog even if I don't get to return the favor lately. I'll try to get back on track as soon as the chaos around here stops. Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends!


Anonymous said…
Hello ate, salamat so much for the birthday greetings... I miss you and your blogs, medyo lazy po ako lage, After our chit chat(ME AND HUBBY) i TURN OFF COMPUER RIGHT AWAY..AHH yesterday pala I was in blog world for a few minutes, but my computer seems like nahahawa kay boss( That's me) naging lazy din. lage po cya nag hang..gosh kainins...kaya i turn it off nalang...I'm sure your little girl is super excited for the move.nyahaha I can figure that she keeps talking again which is very cute...
Have a safe trip moving to the other house....muaaahhhh..missing you....

LOLA honey..*wink*
HulaGirl said…
wow mura nga talaga noh, dito dipende rin sa location pag di gaano nice ang location nasa over 300 PERO lumang bahay pa yan!

kaya nga shock kami sa isang bider price namin 500,++ kasi material palang noon mahigit 200 na kc steel framing masonry ang 1st floor tapos turn in pa kasali carpets at kung ano-ano pa, alam mo na pag turn in, labor pa at mga heavy equipment... ewan ko ba 375 lang ang bid ng isa pano kaya nya na figure out yon, ang rate dito ngayon $200/sqr feet tapos sa kanya parang $100/sqr feet lng naloko na. pano kaya kami mabubuhay nito hahahahaha

mura talaga dyan house no, dito town house ang liit pa 375 wahhhhhhhhh

thanks jul... have a blessed sunday for tomorrow...

Sunshinelene said…
hi there juliana, happy moving in. hopefully ur day is sunny na today. at my end, maulan rin and yesterday it was windy and rainy bt i still managed myself to church. hehehehe

by the way, the picture u used in this post. so romantic. makes me wish for someone beside me. yayyy and hey tagged u here too:

do it when u can. ok?

take care and God bless.
Anonymous said…
Hi Juliana! I'm excited with your new house! I'm sure it's gonna be amazing! Can't wait to see photos;-)

Btw, would like to exchange links? I have 5 blogs though:)


Thanks! Xo
Unknown said…
Hey girl! Are you still hanging in? Anyway, you'll get through it. Before you know it it's done. The rain doesn't help, does it?

Wish we could help you. Kisses to your sweet little girl.
Merydith said…
Thanks Jul today is the nanay's funeral and I can't sleep and all I am thinking is her and my family. It is so hard to be away from the ones you love. Thanks again.

I am glad that everything is slowly taking place in the new house. BTW yong favorite spot namin nag baba ng 10K sa presyo. But we haven't decided if we are really going to go for it.
hi sis. u'll get by hirap talaga magligpat... hehehe! kya yan ng powers mo! dto rin sa manila grabe ulan, may bagyo kc. baha na nga dto sa amin. buti n lng sa labas lng ng bahay, nd sa loob! :D
Norm said…
wow! hi Jul nice to know that you and your family are there now in your perfect dream house..ganda ng feeling.. its like heaven diba? by the way sis got a flame of friendship tag for you at ladynorms site.. take care
Anonymous said…
Hello Juliana! I hope your move to the new house will be done soon :)

Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
the things that rain can do. so many things had been cancelled. anyway let us hope for the best.
Anonymous said…
hi juliana

wow congrats lilipat na kayo so happy for you girl.

God bless
Juliana said…
Congrat with ur new house again. I know you must be very busy at the moment.

I am tagging you simple tag, in here. I hope u still have time for that :D

Have a nice day.
Anonymous said…
hey tuks, nasaan na kayo? I hope the move pushed through today.

hang in there, that's all I can say. kung malapit lang sana kami diyan. there'll be 4 more hands to help.

take it easy, matatapos din yan.
Rowena Tadiarca said…
Hi Juliana,

Miss na kita Sis, talagang mahirap ang naglilipat. Sobra din ang lakas ng ulan dito sa Pinas. Hoping na gumanda ang weather today.
Anonymous said…
i love it when it rains... but when its moving time and it's raining.. not a very good combination..

goodluck on the move atchi.
honey said…
Hallo ate Juls..I'm back here..muaaahhh!parang wla ng lazy days lola mo..hahhhaha..
Hay, kami din are about to move...hoping this August. Tagal na namin plan to move to a little bigger space but it never happens as we are trying to watch the right market.

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