To Buy or Not to Buy?


That is the question! With all that we have to buy with the big move, there is one more thing we need to buy [or not to buy]. I've been blogging here that my ever dependable laptop is already 6 years old, well almost. Considering how much I use it, this laptop can be considered much older than that as it's on 7 days a week for at least 14 hours a day. So yes, we are thinking of retiring it in the near future. Originally, we wanted to buy a similar one or a better one but the financial aspect of that is a bit of a concern for the reason I already mentioned. Our next choice would be to buy the cheaper kind with less features then just buy a laptop memory card. That way, we won't spend the extra dollars for the features that I don't really use in those more expensive laptops. We have not really decided yet which way to go but I have to decide really soon as I feel my beloved lappy is about to take it's last breath.


woah that's one great lappy! Kung ako pa ang owner niyan sira-sira na yan kung ilang years nah siya.

But yeah you're right buying a laptop that meets your needs (blogging hehehe)is best if you won't use it for extreme gaming or what hehehe. Less expensive but suits your needs perfectly. ^_^

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