Tour on Bikes...


One day, my family and I will go on Motorcycle Tours. Yep, you read that right, a tour on bikes. Why not, right? I have always loved riding on motorcycles especially when I was young since it’s the only moving vehicle that didn’t make me sick. I don’t know how to drive one yet but I am willing to learn. I may even learn driving a motorcycle before I learn to drive a car.

So where did I get the idea of Motorcycle Tours? Well, I got it from the husband of course. He is really big on motorcycles that everytime he sees one all he can say is that he’s going to have one some day. As a matter of fact, he just mentioned a while ago that he may get one in the near future as the price of gas is not showing sign of going down anytime soon. So he started browsing online and that’s when he mentioned about the Motorcycle Tours that Eaglerider offers. Some other offers Eaglerider has are One-Way Specials, Motorcycle Sales as well as Guided & Self-Drive Tours. Aside from motorcycles, Eaglerider also rents out dirt bikes, ATV, watercraft and Snowmobiles. Can you say fun, fun, fun? Someday, we will make this tour a reality…and when that happens Eaglerider would be the first place I’ll visit.


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