Weekend Dilemma


Yep, I am in some kind of dilemma at the moment. Why you may ask? I have a few days to get something for the Big Daddy of the house. I still have not decided what to get him for the big day on Sunday. I have a few choices right now. One is a Zero Halliburton briefcase which may come in handy because he may have to travel more often for business purposes so he's going to need one that he can take with him. My other choice is a replacement for his sunglasses that I got during our very first Christmas together...so he's had the pair for about 7 years now! So if you were me, which would you get him? A briefcase or a new pair of sunglasses? Hmmm...right now, I am leaning more on the briefcase as it's something he really needs. But whatever I decide on getting him, I'll be sure to blog about it the day after the Father's Day.


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