...again! As usual it's going to be a bit busy around here. I already did the vacuuming and I'm almost done with the laundry. Yay! I also sorted the boxes after boxes of toys in the little one's room. That alone almost took the whole morning.

I am planning to do some work this afternoon. I have not done any 'paid work' since we moved in here. The work is not that much anyway so I chose to just do the things needed done here. But today, some was released so I'd probably do some. We'll see.

The husband is outside finishing the mowing right now. After that he has to rake the cut grass as it's a lot...as in A LOT! He had to refuel his mower because he had to go around more than once to get all the grass. That's how tall the grass got and it's really thick.

That's basically how our weekend will go...busy. I will be in and out of here again today. I did my hopping yesterday so I'd only be doing some hit backs today.

In the meantime, here's my little one's 'depiction' of Mom!??! She did it last night on her Magna Doodle and it says Happy Birthday even if it's not my birthday...haha! Her Magna Doodle is one of her most used toys around here as she likes to draw a lot. Mothers out there...get one for your little ones as this piece of toy is very useful.

So? What do you think of my "picture"? Perky me, eh? LOL!!


Gorgeous MUM said…
it shows how creative your little one is!

wawa naman si hubby mo. for sure super tired sya after what seems to be a long day with so much to do! ikaw din, doing things inside the house.

still, enjoy your weekend!
Anonymous said…
i think u have an artist in the making :)
Anonymous said…
Hi ate J.. tHANKS FOR THE SWEET ADVICE. I will be signing off now... Have a wonderful Sunday!
Cara Castillo said…
Mikel has one na! But of course only Mommy uses it muna! pati ako naaliw hehe

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