18 Children???


Let me just say that having a child is and will always be one of the best things that happened to me. But having 18 of them??? Ummmm....not quite sure about that. But this is what a couple in British Columbia has now...18 children in all.

The mother is Livia Ionce and she's 44 years old. But she and her husband are just second to the Duggar couple who has 19 children of their own.

Wow...I know that children are the greatest gift a couple can have but I'm not sure about having more than 10, wait...not even more than 1 at this moment...LOL! But, hats off to these couples. I'm sure they have one heck of challenge ahead of them...well, maybe not. They say that once you have 2, having 3 or 10 will just be the same. Is it?


HulaGirl said…
wahahaha ewan ko lang sa kanila? me not planing but kung merong isa much better 'only one' thats it, i know its fun to have a kid but its also hard work and kids are not cheap lol

GOD Bless them for having to many kids
honey said…
Arggggg! 18????????? so amazing....
Thanks pala te, for the daily visit..

Baxck TO PR . Hala! yung blog na once in a blue moon ko lang update te, naging PR 2...ANO BA YAN, bala di ko na din update yung inlove para PR 10..nYAAHHAHA
Unknown said…
I saw the article on Fil-Am Journey page too.

I can barely handly mine, how much more with 18? I'll probably will pull my hair out and have a meltdown.

But the good side, she'll have plenty of help around the house :)

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