A Break is What We Need....


We’ve been staying in our new home for about 3 weeks now. There are still some boxes to unpack but they can wait. The move was very stressful because of the weird weather we’ve been having lately. This probably contributed greatly as to why my husband came down with a flu for almost a week. But he’s doing better now and seems to be recovering well.

Now that we have somehow settled down, all I can think is to go out of town. Maybe take a little vacation away from here for a week or so. Maybe not right now, but in the months to come when everything has really settled down. I have a few invitations from friends to come visit them. One of them is in Houston, Texas. She has been wanting us to come for a visit for years now. Well, guess what? Tickets to concerts at the Houston Rodeo are almost available so I am thinking that we can probably shoot one bird with one stone…attend one of the famous rodeos there and visit my friend. My husband has always been fascinated with rodeos but he hasn’t been to one to my surprise. He watches the shows on TV a lot though. So this trip will finally make one of his long time dreams be realized…to see a rodeo in action. Me? Well, I can’t wait to have that long chat with my friend. Ha!


Nova said…
That is so true te juls, you need to take a break once in awhile diba? para naman di ka masyadong mapagod. i can't wait to see your new house... share ka naman ng pics.. ehehehe..

btw, about your comment? are you kidding meh??? nope, i don't cook and i dont do the laundry, we came to agree since before i got here? na siya magluluto and i will do all the dishes and i'll clean the whole mess, and he'll do the laundry too. hehehehe..

am i that bad?

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