I know for a fact that owning a business is hard work. The husband and a partner own their own small business and I can tell that it’s hardly a walk in the park. Competition is fierce so they have to prove themselves to customers, old and new, that they are the better choice compared to their competitors. But what happens if they don’t have customers to prove themselves to? The business will fail of course. They need to make sure that they first get to these customers. There are several ways to do that…and it’s all about advertising. They have business cards and a website but what they’re looking into doing now is getting some brochures made about their company. Brochures are a great way to put their name out there as they can leave them in some places like grocery stores or airports where people from all walks of life go to everyday.

They need colorful ones that catch attention. But they don’t have a big budget for it. So they’re looking for affordable ones. This is where VistaPrint can help them. VistaPrint makes anything and everything that a business like the one my husband has needs…brochures included. They also give 25 Free Brochures simply by using the coupon code: FreeBrochures08. Voila…free 25 brochures already. I cannot wait for the husband to get home so I can show him this amazing offer. It’s going to be one less stress for him and his partner.


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