Getting there...

Get Well

But not quite yet. The husband is up and about today...kinda'. He says he's still feeling really ill but unlike yesterday, he got out of bed today. He even drove to work to attend to some stuff...just for a few minutes. He's even letting out some 'bad' air already if you know what I he's ALMOST back. He's using his being sick as an excuse to rip it out though..hmp!

It's odd seeing him sick. He's the type who's never chained down even if he's under the weather. This is the worst I've seen him so far...and it freaked me out a bit. I started thinking of the worst case scenario last night. Ya know, the 'what ifs'...! I keep thinking of who to call to drive us to the hospital if ever...sigh...

So I'm thinking I should really learn how to drive. My friends told'll get the 'motivation' to learn if one of your loved ones need you to drive them for an emergency. Yep, now I seem to have "THAT" motivation.


elow! after several years I'm finally back. Like oh my. I have no time to blog anymore with the "job" and all. It's so freaking tiring and I want to quit. huhuhu...

Yeah this is what's good if you're a blogger police. I can slack off yet I don't get punished for it hahaha.

I'm actually reading a driving manual so that I can take an exam next year but it is so boring... oh well.
Anonymous said…
hi mommy. hope your hubby will feet better soon. kailangan lang yan ng tlc at bonding galing sa'yo.

have a happy 4th of july.

goodnight gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
hey closing bell ako as usual kahit wall street maaga nagsara today haha.

hope the hubby will be up and running tomorrow. ma miss pa niya fireworks dyan.

pag emergency, you're better off with 911. kahit pa long time driver, di yata safe yun. pag ako nyan, ngatog ko lang, di na ako marunong prumeno.
drive na kasi. puro automatic cars naman ang andyan.. para ka lang nad-dadrive ng bump car. preno at gas lang.

that pimped bling fatty gnome model was actually grumpy that morning. it was 7:30 am then and i forced him to pose kasi my opp will expire in less than an hour.

payment? kadali!. fried rice and SPAM lang for breakfast.
Anonymous said…
Hello sis! TLC would be the answer to make him feel better. Do you cook? Sabi kse ni Dr. Laura, if men are not h**ny, they're hungry. Since hubby is sick, he might not be up for the first option. Food might help. As to the twins, kapagod talaga LOL.. parang ayoko na ata ah. wala pa nga sila pagod na pagod na ko.

Anyways, happy 4th of July! Do you have any plans for today?
honey said…
Hi ate J,

Hope your hubby is well... Yeah te, learning how to drive has lots of advantage,...

Have a happy weekend..

lola is signing off..hehehe
Gorgeous MUM said…
hope hubby is feeling better by now.

go and learn how to drive . . . you'll love it!

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