Guess what???????


It didn't rain today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!! After days and days of rain, we finally had one that is rain-free. The husband said that the rain is actually good as it's particularly hot this summer.

I actually don't mind the rain because I'm always indoors but if it happens daily for days in a row, then that's a different story. So today was such a breath of fresh air.

I am still hoping and praying that the weekend will be rain-free as well. We really have to move some of our other stuff from the other house to here already. We also need to straighten up the other house so if and when someone wants to buy it, it will at least be presentable. Fingers crossed we can move the rest of the stuff by this weekend.

Anyway, I am logging off here as I am really tired. I didn't do much today but like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I am not feeling well....not too bad but I am hoping that turning in a little early tonight will make me feel much better tomorrow.

My apologies to those who dropped by whose blogs I won't be able to visit. Promise, I'll do that first thing in the morning tomorrow!

Night everyone.....


Pretty Me said…
Hi Mommy Maricel Soriano! Hope you've rested well and you feel better now. Thanks for the comment. I replied to you there and even ask for your opinion... hehehe... have a great and blessed day ahead! mwahhhhhh!
Anonymous said…
sending you good vibes, GET WELL SOON my dear fantasy.
dito na lang ako mag comment. ang dami na dun sa kabila eh.

anyway thanks for the loooong comment. i am really lucky and blessed when it comes to my children. my strictness paid off. I was very strict when they were growing up but when they reached puberty i started to change my approach.. i became their friend. kaya ayon, up to now we talk like barkadas.

lol! madami talaga akong appointments.... sa dami ng anak ko + ethan, i always have things to do. my kids have to really schedule with me.. artista eh....

ok! have a wonderful sunday!

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