How's MY Day???

Indeed it has been a very tiring day! I have been busy doing some cleaning and straightening up here in our humble what did I do???

I was finally able to clean the computer room which became our 'dump' room during the move. It's where all the bags, boxes etc that are not part of the basic necessities plus the 2 computers we have, were dumped. Needless to say, it's like a tornado wheezed through that room.

This weekend, the husband finally got one of the computer tables from the other house. He just put it in the middle of the room, in the middle of all the messsss.....He was pretty tired moving a lot of big stuff that's why. So today I finally decided to get in there and tackle the job. Now, all we have on the floor are the computers -cpus, monitors, scanners and printers. Yeah! It's up to the husband to assemble everything. I don't want to mess with them...with all the cables coming out them?? No way!!

Next in my agenda was the little one's room. What can I's the room of a 6-year old who likes to cut and is a "hoarder"...of empty boxes and other trash. The middle of her room is almost always free of mess and so is her bed. The mess is all on the side and in her closet. She loves to 'help' but her helping is more like going through the 'trash' and telling me that she wants to keep this and that...

I was also able to clean the sliding doors, inside and out! Yeah! That was tiring! I worked up a sweat doing that. So that's going to be my 'exercise' for the week...LOL! So after writing this entry, this would be me!

I'll have to do some 'paid work' a bit later as I have to put in some impress the boss, of course. But that can wait...I told her I'm doing some maintenance on my computer so I'm free for a few more hours.

Thanks to all who came by. I'll try and visit you all later! Hope everyone's having a great week so far!


ay nako, when we moved house. i thought the cleaning and tidying will actually end... never did!

in our house, i do almost everything. pati pag assemble ng all kinds of stuff. my girls are not the demure-cannot-carry-heavy-stuff type.

one time,a daughter's suitor dropped by the house. he just bought an ACu and it was seating at the back of his pick-up truck. worried that the unit might actually stolen while he makes ligaw, he asked my daughter if someone can help him carry the aircon inside. daughter went inside and called her 2 other sisters. boy, was the suitor surprised when my 3 girls carried the 2hp aircon without much ado. amazona!
Cathy said…
Haaaay naku Jul, busy ka nga. I remember when we moved. I had no idea where to start.

I'm sure you are tired to the bone.
Lynn said…
same here, Sis. the helper left so i'm tasked to do the chores in walang katapusang chores. well, ok na rin kasi at least maka exercise naman paminsan-minsan kasi tamad talaga me mag exercise.

enjoy your week ahead too!
Mummy Sheng said…
so your little one is a hoarder . . . at a young age! hahaha!
JeFf & NoVa said…
Men!! that's pretty tiring as i am reading your entry here... i do hope that you had fun while doing all the clutter...hahahaha... but i'm sure you will clean that messy things there te juls.. and would turn it into pretty clean and relaxing area...

i love the GIF's you have here.... nice job te.. thanks for visiting and the commentos...

ingatz always...*hugs*
marites1034 said…
naku, Juls..kakapagod ng mga pinaggagawa mo. hope you're taking care of your health too:)

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