I Need to R-E-A-D!!!


Reading is one of my passions…and I don’t have that many passions, mind you. But I have not been able to do this in a while. Well, I read of course but I have not sat down and just read. You know what I mean? I read the news either online or just some short articles in magazines. What I really want to do is sit down in one corner uninterrupted while I read one of the books I bought 3 years ago. Geez.…it’s been that long? I guess it is now that I think about it. I should start rearranging my schedule to fit in some reading time there, huh? Before I know it, I may not be able to comprehend any of those books I have waiting for me to read. Sigh!


oh mommy j!! we are exactly in the same boat. i have old books that still looks new because i haven't read. i wish to do that too but seems still doesn't allow me (if you know what i mean). hehehe...

but anyway, you can do that. you're a gifted multi-tasking mom and very organized too. you can do it soon. ;)

im off to bed now...early to get to church...ive missed it so many times because of lack of sleep and i know its not an excuse. hehehe...

just want you to know that i was here...pretty as always just like the owner of this blog.


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Anonymous said…
that makes us 3 guiltys:D some books i bought are still in their plastic store wraps pa:D darn! i need to establish one day of the week to read.

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