I'm on a Roll!!!


Yep, I am on a R-O-L-L !!! No not rock and roll....I'm on a roll with my blogging today. I just thought of blogging more today as I'm getting burnt out with the monotony of my work.

I'm still working but taking more breaks today as opposed to the previous days. The weather today is also nice. It hasn't rained...yet. Knowing how crazy our weather here, I'm not convinced yet that we won't have any rain today.

The little one has been wanting to go out but the grass/soil is wet still so we'll wait until later to do that. She's staying in the back porch and she saw a worm. Soooo that's keeping her busy. She's either watching it or talking to it and using a magnifying glass looking at it. The worm flipped at one point and it drove her running...LOL! Caught her by surprise I guess.

Anyway, it's almost dinner time. I need to start making dinner so I'll sign off here for now. See 'ya!


blessedmom said…
hello mommy j! so ur on fire for bloggin today i guess :) kakatuwa namn ur lil one, playin with wormy..at least she gets to ezplore her world..nyway, ingat and i promise to do the tag one of these days! ingat always! :)
what is your monotonous work? basta you're getting paid, pwede na rin kahit boring.

anyway, i've a 5K run on sunday kaya kelangan medyo mag practice.

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