Is it Any Surprise....


... that there is a chance some celebrities who recently had twins actually used IVF or invitro fertilization?I guess it is as it's still in the headlines if and when some people start speculating about it...with the help of some so called 'reliable sources'.

I was browsing the net yesterday [or the day before] and I came across an article that famous couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt MAY have resorted to IVF treatment to conceive the 'multi-million dollar twins' they just had recently.

So is that any surprise at all? They can afford it and they go for it. A lot of people, celebrity and non-celebrity, take advantage of this procedure so why is it such a big deal when famous people choose to do it. Some of the celebrities choose to have babies late in their lives so this is probably the only way for them to go. It should be big news if a 65 year old had a baby without the help of IVF. But then again, if that person is not a movie star or someone famous, it may not even make it Page 6.


J said…
ang matindi, bakit sa kanila lang umeepekto? I went through it twice using my and my husband's own. I think the missing link that is not talked about is the high possibility na hidi sa kanila galing ang materials haha.

this was offered and discussed to us but we preferred our own so to speak. kaya ayan zero talaga.

btw, ba't wala na name/url option dito?


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