Just like any other man out there, the husband here is a car enthusiast. Right now the only car we have is the one we need. Yep, it’s a need and not a want. Because if he can get what he wants my husband won’t be driving an SUV or a family car. One of the cars in his list to have in the future is a Mustang. So finding is a good thing. I also went ahead and did some reading about this very famous car. And upon reading more about it, I learned that the first ever Mustang was introduced in 1964 and was even part of the Bond Film Goldfinger. No wonder the husband is so interested on this one. With the American Muscle website, my husband can find anything about Mustang 1987 to the very current one. So if and when the time comes that we can afford a car just for fun like a Mustang this is definitely the place that can help him. So I am bookmarking it for easy access. Someday this will happen.


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