Need for Speed...


I have a need for speed! LOL!! Yep, that’s the famous line from a Tom Cruise’s film, Top Gun. Well, he was talking about flying when he said that but a lot of men really have a need for speed, right? So how do they fulfill this ‘need’ for speed if they don’t fly planes? By buying cars that they can drive as fast as possible. The husband here is no different of course. Like I mentioned in my previous posts, he’s a car junkie so everything and anything to learn about car is a good thing for him. This includes finding things such as vw turbocharger or other turbochargers for other cars. No, I don’t really comprehend what he’s talking when talks cars but it’s always fascinating to hear what he has to say even if it’s like foreign language to my ears. So if you have the need for speed and you want to pimp up your car, visit to find the perfect turbocharger for your ride.


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