Rain with thunder and lightning!! We had a 2-day break from it but it started again today. I had to shut down my computer for a couple of hours because of the lightning.

So how's your Friday so far? My day started out well...until the thunder/lightning started that is. I was defragging my ever dependable ancient laptop when it all started so I had to 'abort' the "operation defrag". I'll probably do it again later...sigh!

I've already finished cleaning our bathroom and vacuuming the whole house. I also cleaned my chicken...I mean kitchen...weeee!!! While waiting for the thunder and lightning to stop, I also prepared the batter for my banana it's baking! I'm supposed to make my usual banana bread but I came across a recipe for a banana cake so I thought I'd give it a try. The husband was looking for the banana bread I made last week that's why I decided to bake one again...with a twist! Hopefully it will come out good.

Now here I am...blogging. I have some pending work I have to finish so I have to end here for now. Thanks to all those who came over...I'll see you all later...


Anonymous said…
hi mommy, good afternoon to you. buti ka pa you have time to bake. i miss doing that and baking it's different now coz once i took the baking materials out my little girl is right beside me kaagad offering some help.

i'm sure yummy yan.
baking? wala ako idea don. hinde nga ako marunong mag-luto. hehehe...

anyway, just woke up. pinatulog ko kasi si baby boy. ito buhay pa rin ang buhay. LOL!!

musta mommy j?? buti pa life you dyan. so lucky. muah!!

Pinay Mommy Online
Blessings and Beyond
please send me the banana bread recipe.

paki bilisan lang po. salamat.
mummy ruby: ang gulong ay bilog. iikot din yan. wait ka lang. =)

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