Offers for Paid Posts??????


Do you get emails to do this? I used to get them about once a week before then they stopped. So far I only accepted ONE of the offers and it was earlier this year I believe. He paid me up front...meaning, he put the money in my PayPal before I started posting. He also wrote the entries so all I had to do was post them. I posted 10 in my blog sparingly...and he didn't pay me a fortune to do it. He paid me a reasonable amount of money considering I would only post and not write anything.

Yesterday I got an email about 'posting' paragraphs here. Actually the email was supposed to be a follow-up. Well, I never had any kind of correspondence with this certain individual so I replied that he sent the email to the wrong person.

Today I got a offer of a certain amount to post a paragraph [about 4 or 5 lines with the same number of links] on my blog.

Red flags came up so I declined.

-->> First, the offer is too much money for a very short paragraph.

-->>Then, there is NO mention of which blog the paragraph should be posted.

-->> And the email account of the individual is a free webmail...[not always a red flag though]

Now, my reasons for declining may not seem legit to some but I am not going to jeopardize my blog and my name for a few bucks.

Another concern I have is my experience whenever I visit some blogs that post these paragraphs - pop-ups! I am not a computer savvy so I really have no idea what these people who offer so much money to post very short paragraphs can do or how they work those pop-ups in those blogs...but I am not taking any chances.

Let me just make it clear: I have NOTHING AGAINST those blogs who accept these offers. I am just stating here how I FEEL about them and my concerns. That's all. No need to be defensive if you're doing it. I have my reasons for not accepting such offers....and they're stated above.


J said…
ako, non stop ang offers and they are using the email na indicated on my disclosure policy.

I have not for once responded to any of them as I'm afraid, iba ang mapasok ko.

I agree with your point of view. it's better safe than sorry.

Unknown said…
They are all in my spam folders and I just empty them rights away. And pop-ups? Down nerve-annoying.

My ppp and social park are good enough for me. I'm content with them.

Happy weekend Jul.
Anonymous said…
truelala i am also getting messages to post for them but sorry I do not accept them mahirap na di ba.
someone offered to for me their site writer. legit yong company kasi they do have opps in ppp. anywat, it did not push through.

ako naman, i do not get opps relating to casinos and gambling.
Good choice! You don't want your blog having pop-ups and all that stuff. Dapat people should be as smart as you and have doubts about the legitimacy of a website or offer. I was going to sign up for this site which was like the triple P but then I had second thoughts because they asked for my Social Insurance Number. Like I'm not giving you that. Why would I give you my SIN when you're going to pay me through PayPal anyway? Geez, I hate these people who scam other people.

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