One More Thing...a Tag!


Tag time....tada!! D'Cooking Mudra tagged me on this one...and since I'm too tired to be thinking right now, I'd go the road less traveled...not! Yep, do a tag. Thanks Mommy! Here we go...


List ONE of each. ONLY one. Nothing else!

Pet Peeve: Plastic

Favorite Candy: Anything with chocolate

Biggest Fear: Losing the D and H...

Biggest Challenge: Being a WAHM

Favorite Department Store: WalMart?? hahaha

Most Used Word: Sure

Favorite Pizza Topping: Cheese

Favorite Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse

Movie Recently Watched: Seriously? Theater: Horton Hears a Who! Not recent but it's the last one I watched. TV: Teen Wolf

Favorite Fruit: Manga

Favorite Vegetable: Toss between pechay [bokchoy] and green beans. Is tomato a fruit or veggie?

There 'ya go. If you need an interim post but don't want to sweat it out, feel free to grab this one ladies and gents!!


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