Shop till You Drop...


I personally believe that one of the best things that happened on the internet is ones ability to shop online. Yep, I am a true-blue online shopper. It’s been my saving grace eversince I came over here since I don’t drive as of yet. I’ve been here for more than 7 years so I really don’t know how I would have survived if online shopping is non-existent. But even though I have been doing online shopping for years, I still worry a lot about identity theft. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened to me. It does not mean though that I am safe. No one is safe when it comes to identity theft online…that is until Shop Shield® came about.

Shop Shield® makes sure that the information of online shoppers like me are kept safe and secure. How? By providing their members with anonymous information like usernames, passwords and even e-mail addresses. Yep, even email scams don’t stand a chance with Shop Shield®. How is that possible? Simple. With Shop Shield®, ones information is never really entered in the databases of web sites. The only information given to these web sites are the anonymous information provided by Shop Shield®. So next time you shop online, think about Shop Shield®. It’s the safest way to go in online shopping. So go ahead and shop till you drop!


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