A 'sick' entry and a Tag in One....


Yep, "sick" or ill is the word of the day here in our household. The 3 of us here are not in our best elements today. The husband started feeling ill yesterday. He's been queasy and has been nursing a cold as well. He thinks it's probably the water but we're not sure about that. He likes the taste of our tap water here so he's hoping it's not the water.

And just now, the little one started complaining of a headache and upset stomach. I'm not sure how bad it is but she took Tylenol and is now in the bedroom watching TV with Daddy.

Me? I'm much better compared to yesterday...allergy wise that is. The upset tummy is still there but it's manageable. I'm a bit busy with work so I am blogging later than usual.

Anyway, Mommy Ruby passed on this 'Chalice' to me to cheer me up...LOL. Can I sell it? Nah...thanks Mommy Ruby for the tag and the thought.

I'm passing this on to all of YOU! Let me know when post it on your blog...


Gorgeous MUM said…
nothing is worst than having everybody in the house sick like you! but i'm glad you're feeling a bit better. hoping your 2 loved-ones gets well too!

take care!
you're all stressed out kasi with the move and all.... hope you're all feeling better now

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