Tagging Along....


Part of my husband’s job as a business owner is to go on business trips to meet potential customers. Early this week he met customers in Texas and in Mexico. A few weeks ago, they went to Georgia. He said that in the near future, he may have to go to Missouri as well. I know that it’s necessary for him to go on these trips and since he can’t pass them up, I asked him if we can tag along in one of his trips. He agreed to it and asked me to look online if there’s anything we can do in Branson Missouri.

So I went online and typed “Branson vacations” in the search box. One of the names that popped up is Branson Getaway. It’s a site that offers vacation packages that are very affordable. The packages include accommodations as well as tickets to some of the attractions around the area such as the Silver Dollar City and shows that are held regularly. After seeing all these, I will try to convince the husband to let us tag along during his trip to Branson, MO. After all we need some kind of a getaway after all the stress we had with the move, right?


Nakakapagod naman nang trabaho nang husband mo. Traveling everywhere but at least you can have a vacation from all the stress of everyday life. Good luck sa vacation and have fun!

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