Tags...1, 2, 3, 4.. and then some...


Well what do you know...I am now a multi-awardee blogger! Yep, bunches of awards for yours truly. I'm really happy that my blogger buddies always include me and my blog/s whenever they have some tags/awards to distribute. I just hope I have not forgotten any as my memory is starting to fail me already. LOL....To all of you who do not get tired of passing on to me such heartwarming tokens....Thank you very much!

Here we go.

Thanks much Ladies....sa uulitin!!!

Passing these awards to all those who come visit me regularly. You deserve all of these 'tokens'!


J said…
yayyy multiple awards. nice!

how's your sunday so far?
Rowena Tadiarca said…
Congrats! You deserve all of this.

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