Thursday...a Cold???

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ feels like I'm getting the 'regular cold'. Well, I call it the "regular cold" because I have allergies and if you ask the people around me, there is really no difference to them whether what I have is 'the cold' or the 'allergy'.

Hay....anyway, I've been feeling a bit 'cra**y since I woke up this morning so I took my special medicine...hahaha. Nah, I just took the cold and allergy pill I have...and it seems to be working.

As usual it's gloomy here right now. I'm sure it will start pouring again in a few minutes. Arrgg...the neverending rain! We're hoping though that it won't rain this weekend as we still have some stuff we need from the other house. We weren't able to get anything for the past 2 weekends because of this rain.

Anyway, I hope everyone out there is having a good day. Stay out of trouble, would ya?


Anonymous said…
no way! I love trouble! hahaha..

take care Ate J. I know how it feels coz I feel no better too. LOL.. take some rest.

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