An Unplanned Detox?


What a night I had. I was up half the night hugging the porcelain throne if you know what I mean. I don’t know what I ate but I felt like I was literally “flushed” when I was done. I’m feeling better now even though I feel a bit weak. Anyway, after that episode I thought of what the husband said this weekend. He said that he bought grapefruits for his breakfast because he wants to flush out the toxins in his body. Well, I ate some of the grapefruit so I’m thinking that maybe that’s what it was, eh? Now that I think about it, maybe we can actually start doing that seriously, you know 'detoxifying our body'. So I went and look up "detoxify whole body" and I found this ionic detoxification foot bath that we can purchase online through Reliable Remedies. It's like a foot spa that we can do at home but it actually helps release those toxins out of our body. It's very interesting actually. The site has also massagers and other cleansing products that are cheaper than what they usually go for in other stores. Hmm…maybe I can just tell the husband to take a look at these products if he’s really serious about detoxifying. At least it if we do this, I won't have any more surprise or unplanned detox in the future, eh?


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