You're Gonna Miss This....


That's actually the title of a county song that country singer Trace Adkins sang. Everytime I hear it, it makes me remember the 'younger days'...not saying I'm old okay? Seriously, my younger days were not filled with parties or night outs but it was something I will always cherish.

The song also makes me think of my little one...who can't wait to grow up. There are days when I want her to be independent but most days, I just want her to stay a child forever. But that's not going to happen, is it? Anyway, I found the video of the song in You Tube so I thought of sharing it here. And yes, I'm missing my younger years...if only for those carefree days when I couldn't wait to get older.


honey said…
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....ang haba po ng sinulat ko, nawala..grrrrrrrrrr.....

Btw, te I like thhe song first time ko pa cya narinig.

Hayysss pagiging nanny pala super hirap, yep I feed them more than 3x a day..hehhehe...they played video game the whole day and we went to the mall for lunch.. Naging refere pa po ako sometimes...Ngayon te, they played game again, di pa ako lumalabas sa room, ayaw ko pa magpakita baka ma out reach ulit..hehhehee..
Ayaw na kasi nila umuwi eh.....
Ang kukulit... waaaaaa Boys are boys talaga...hahahhaha
hey thanks for the recipe. my son loves banana bread. i have a recipe here too but i just want to try yours.

finished the 5k run. it was fun but not well-organized. i'll blog about it but i'll sleep first. i went to bed around 11 pm and got up before 4am. antok na ko.
Lynn said…
No prob, Sis. Anytime...(",)

I love country music too. Vince Gill is my favorite. I'm just not sure though if he's still active.
jm said…
touchy..ganda ng song ampo video kasu ali ke ata balu, :p kamusta naman pu? opu, nandin minuran sobrang sikan talaga , not almost everyday, pero pag minuran, bagsak na talaga.. tas biglang pali pa.. kalisangan pa pu tuloy. mingatz kayu pu ken.
:hug to your sweet girl: :)


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