Brillante Award...a Tag...

One of my regular visitors the ever gorgeous Mummy Sheng handed me this shiny 'Brillante Weblog". I already posted this one a few days ago as it was also handed to me by a couple of blogger friends as well. But since it's no longer in my homepage, I decided to post it again.

Now who do I give this 'award'??? How about You? you? and YOU!!!


Vhiel said…
hey mommmy.. i was going to give you this award too.. hehehe.. but mommy sheng got here first...

but anyway, I am still giving it to you here..

Gorgeous MUM said…
wow, thanks for the nice intro! hahaha!

kaiden and i are both annoying each other here! lol!
got an award for you here:

hope you can pick it up. muah!!

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