That's how I feel right now!!! The culprit?? Our internet/phone/cable combo is just frolickin' crazy! It started at 1:00 this afternoon and it's just on and off! I don't have a cellphone simply because I have no use for it since I am always at home. So I cannot call them from here.

I was able to call the husband to tell him about it. As soon as I put down the phone, it's dead again! Arrrggghhhh!!!!!!!

Moral Lesson?? Do not subscribe with the same company for your phone, cable and internet. It may save you a few bucks but the stress is just not worth it. This is the second time this happened.

Oh well...I gotta' go and cut this short or my connection my go kaput again before I can post this.


RoSeLLe said…
nakupo! totoo yan.. pag naka bundle ka... the only difference lang po natin is that pareho kameng may cellphone ni kolokoy ko dito kaya may alternative.

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